Book Summary

A step-by-step guide to mastering the skills taught in the best universities in the world in business management. Many wished to enroll in one of the top ten colleges to obtain an MBA; they now have an alternative, which is the Master of Business Administration in ten days for its author. Slip gar. The book presents the information in a purely scientific way for candidates who aspire to obtain a master’s degree in business administration. Use this book to see if it’s worth the year’s investment. Current rankings for MBA colleges: Here we read about the latest classifications of MBA study programs.

Day One : Marketing Topics. Seven steps to developing a marketing strategy shopping. Market segmentation. Product life cycle. Perceptual maps. Margins. The marketing mix and its four elements. Occupying a market position. Distribution and advertising channels. Pricing Promotion Campaigns Market Economics.

The second day:  morals. Ethics is a new topic on the MBA curriculum. Ethics topics. Business social responsibility is the concept that companies are responsible for parties other than their owners. Relativistic philosophy and its four forms. Reasons to avoid making ethical decisions’ shareholder analysis. A framework that considers who is affected by business decisions. Benz-Oxley price law for the year two thousand and two, federal law seeks to impose ethical rules on American companies.

Third day : accounting. Of course, the Phoenicians were the first accountants. Accounting topics. The rules of generally accepted accounting principles basic accounting concepts. Entity accounting cash and accrual. Objectivity. Conservatism. Continuity. Constancy. Realism.

Day Four : Organizational Behavior. Topics in Organizational Behavior. Problem-solving model. He studied psychology. Stimulus. Leadership. Creativity. Office procedures at work leverage. Organizational model and structures. Systems theory. Corporate evolution and revolution. Resistance to change.

Fifth day : quantitative analysis. Quantitative analysis topics
Analysis using a decision tree. Cash flow analysis, net present value, probability theory, regression analysis, and forecasting.

Sixth day : of finance topics. Corporate structures, beta coefficient, efficiency limit, and capital asset pricing model. Efficient market hypotheses, investment valuations discounted cash flows. Earnings growth model. Preparing capital budgets. Capital structure. Dividend policy. Mergers and acquisitions.

Seventh day: operations topics. History of operations research. A framework for problem-solving. Flow charts. Linear programming, Gantt chart. Critical path method inventory queue theory. Economic size of the order. Quality material needs planning. Information technology.

Eighth day: economic topics, supply, and demand. Microeconomics. Opportunity costs. Marginal utility. Flexibility. Market structures. Total economic Keynesian theory and critical theory. Gross national product accounting. International economy.

Day nine : strategy. Strategic topics. Seven Elements Model value chain. Integration and expansion strategy. Industry analysis. Competitive strategy. Nodding. Portfolio management strategy. Globalization. Cooperation. Pheasant.

Day ten:  mini-courses. Research and gather information about competitors. Public speaking. Negotiation. International Business Law. Business writing real estate investments. Leadership coach. Financial planner.

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