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You will start with the goal in mind, even if the goal is impossible for others. How many of you have heard of Tesla one of the strongest manufacturers of electric cars? What about SpaceX and Norlite? This guy we’re talking about is its CEO. This is his success story. We watched many science-fiction movies.
And in a lot of other movies, we predict the future will be about air transportation, but this guy is literally digging a hole in the ground from Los Angeles to San Francisco for rapid transit. Let’s be honest. How many of us are thinking of leaving Earth and starting to live on Mars? And how many of us thought about reusing an orbital missile.

This guy is not only out of the box, but out of this world. He founded three companies with a market value of one billion dollars and is considered the second businessman in Silicon Valley. With PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX
But did you know he was fired as CEO of his own company? Let’s discover the story of this Iron Man’s life. Who is Elon Musk? He is the eldest son of a father in South Africa.
Kurdish mother. When he was nine years old, he divorced his parents. He is someone who is always interested in books. He has said his father used to read books even when he was attending his party.
He taught himself programming and developed a game at the age of twelve. And he sold it to a company at a price of five hundred US dollars. While at school, Elon Musk was bullied by his classmates and severely beaten until he passed out. He entered the hospital. His childhood was difficult because other children messed with him all the time because he was different from them. He is a smart, distinguished, and genius child. At that time and in South Africa.

There was a military obligation that every male member of the family had to serve in the army upon reaching the age of eighteen. To avoid this and fulfill his dreams, Elon Musk moved after graduating from high school to Praetor,To Canada with his mother’s relatives at the age of seventeen. To escape poverty in Canada, he worked in some low-paid jobs. Then he received a scholarship from the University of Bislavnia.

He moved to the United States of America and obtained two bachelor’s degrees because he majored in physics and economics. After earning a seat in a Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Stanford University.
The very prestigious company broke off after only two days to set up a new company. He and his brother borrowed twenty-eight thousand dollars from their father. They launched a company called Zip2, and he used to always be in his company’s office. And take a shower at the nearby gym. Four years later, he sold their company to Compaq for three hundred and seven million dollars. Cash only plus four.

A million dollars of stock. And this is how Elon Musk got his start. Elon Musk received twenty-two million dollars in return for selling his stake, which amounted to seven percent. Later
He created another company called X.com, which merged with its competitor and turned into what is called PayPal today. Where he was fired from the position of CEO.

The CEO of the company later acquired eBay’s PayPal site for a one-point-five billion dollars. Then Elon Musk became rich. He earned one hundred and sixty-five million dollars. From this deal. Here, his story turns into a success story. Let’s make a hypothesis. If someone gets that money, maybe they will spend it on luxuries. Elon Musk did this too, but in a measured way. Elon Musk bought a McLaren and a private jet, but he made a risky decision at the time. Electric cars were considered slow and ugly, but Tesla wants to change that completely.

Alone, she was in a state of bankruptcy, Elon Musk invested eighty million dollars in Tesla Motors and became its CEO. Cars were expensive in the beginning, in addition to the negative role they played
TV shows introduced him to the brand, but Elon Musk fought against all of this. He dealt with the matter very carefully and took some bold decisions, such as firing some employees and the co-founder.
Also, through active participation in the company’s innovations and decision-making, it has become the best company in the automotive industry. The same thing happened to SpaceX.

And at first it was very unsuccessful. They tried to launch their first rocket, but failed to reach orbit three times. Each failure cost them millions of dollars. And in the event of another failure, it was Elon Musk
To lose all his money at that time. But on their fourth attempt, the project succeeded; at that time, they got a deal from NASA, and from that time on, they did not fail again. This was the first company.
A private spacecraft is sent to the International Space Station. Elon Catcher taught himself rocket science. He also taught himself programming at the age of twelve. A man who never gives up he once said in an interview, “My mentality is that of a samurai.” I prefer suicide to failure. Japanese samurai do not allow their enemies to kill them. If they cannot win a battle, they kill themselves with their blades
This anti-surrender behavior was a great success for him. He is also a hard worker, working from eighty to one hundred hours per week.

This 46-year-old businessman is a big part of the inspiration for the movie character Iron Bad. Currently, Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX, Doreen Carbon is the CEO of Tesla, and  is the CEO of neuralink. Chairman of the Solar Siri Board of Directors and Co-Chairman of Open E Company, from an immigrant to advisor to the US President. From failure to success september Mask was able to make his mark in the world of successful people, and his current wealth was estimated at fifty-four point five billion US dollars. Have you ever wondered why the best success stories start with failure?

Some people say that failure is the first step to success. As Thomas Edison says in this famous quote. I haven’t failed; I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work. But why do most success stories begin with failure? The reason they did not stop at failure. They continue to push themselves forward regardless of their circumstances. There will probably come a time in your life when you feel like everything is going exactly the way you want it to but whenever you feel like it, keep going. And never stop trying to progress. You might become Elon Musk tomorrow.

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