Golden advice for young men from old men

Valuable lessons in life that we may not learn until it is too late

Life experiences are the biggest school and the most important teacher. So throughout the month, we searched for the most important sayings that were mentioned in the mouths of elderly men who lived experiences in this life to avoid making their own mistakes.

What are the most important life lessons they wish they had learned in their youth? We have collected all the answers and summarized them in Many tips that will change your outlook on life forever, which should benefit you one day in your life, to get the greatest benefit. Read this article well. Concentrate on this example well.

You throw the child in the air, and he laughs because he is sure that you will not leave him. Yes, if one-day fate throws you away, trust that you have a God who will not leave you. Tomorrow, you will thrive no matter how hard the days are. A single darkness will not be able to extinguish the light of your heart no matter how good and strong your relationship with someone is, no matter how many secrets and details you share that no one knows about you, no matter how much you share laughter and tears and promises, don’t give yourself a place greater than logic and reason.

The area that always proves that a great relationship may be destroyed by a word. He said: Did you break it to drown its people? Apparently a test, but reality is relief. It’s amazing when you think God is afflicting you. You discover that God did not afflict you. Rather, he saved you from the calamity.

How many ships have breached us in our lives? We complained and cried, and we did not know until years later. It was God’s deliverance from greater harm. god has a hidden kindness that our eyes don’t realize. Keep a part for you alone that passersby don’t read. Don’t talk about yourself too much.

Open writing does not attract readers. And whoever knows your weaknesses will master your downfall. The person who twisted your hand, you told him about your weakness. Know how it hurts you. Whoever made you cry, you revealed to him the most fragile places in you. Know where to hit you.

If you read and in the sky, your sustenance and what you are promised. So be lifted from the people of the earth they do not have, whatever their positions and influence. Every broken, resort to God and reparation, even if it hurts you. Returning to God is the goal. And We tried them with good deeds and bad deeds, so that they might return.

It does not bring you closer to God, for it is a curse. And every misfortune brings you closer to God, it is a blessing. The scales of the afterlife change your view of blessings and misfortunes before your nerves are about to burn. Remember, you can’t fix the world. Neither are people’s minds, and I am not obligated to delve into every conversation.

Do not express your opinion on all matters. And you will not be the guardian of anyone just as you will not be satisfied that someone is a guardian over you. When a person leaves you or does not accept your presence in his life. The problem doesn’t have to be you.

He may be the one who suffers and suffers this is reflected in his behavior towards destroying his relationships. Don’t blame yourself for the failure of the relationship. Perhaps you are a wonderful person, but you have not yet found someone to discover your magnificence we are happy, but we do not know how happy we are if we know the amount of blessings that we enjoy.

We are happy if we seek happiness from ourselves, not from those around us. Happy that our thoughts are always with God. We thanked every blessing and were patient with every calamity. We were winners and successful in both lives. Praise be to God for everything. To make someone happy, give him three. Attention, affection and appreciation.

The happiness you give to someone. You will roam the roads and then return to your heart one day. Be in love like the sun, be in friendship and brotherhood like a river. Be in the covering of faults, like the night, be in humility, like dust. Be in anger like a dead man. And whatever you are from the creatures. Either be what you are or be what you seem.

Our life is complete with things and lacking with others. Rather, it is destinies that God gives to everyone who has a right. It is unfair to measure your luck with the good that you did not get. Without looking at the bad that didn’t hurt you. If you want to live happily, think of me.

You have and not what others have, for what you have is from God’s generosity, and what you do not have is from God’s wisdom. When your partner is a mentor or honest. You chose well. And when he is your companion, take care of him from yourself.

You are in great grace. When God gives you a person who listens to you if you speak and misses you if you are away. He understands your need from the look of your eyes and accepts you in all your situations. Relax your grip on tiring things.

The rails and your attachment to them tire you and drain your energy more and more. Let go and live your life. And if these things are good for you, they will reappear in your life and even if you don’t come back, it’s okay. Because goodness is what God has chosen.

Love is not sayings, no matter how beautiful. Actions, no matter how simple. Love is not what do you feel? But what the one who makes the one you love feel your love. Love is not the number of times you say I love you. It’s the number of times you prove that you love. Love is knowing that one plus one equals only one.

Keep the person whose words make you feel safe and healthy. The one who, if the world tends to you, does not tend. And to deny everyone in your face does not deny that which implants in you a great feeling that life is fine. The one who sees you in the worst condition will beautify the world in your eyes. And creates a thousand reasons to be fine.

Save it as long as you live the authentic is not distorted at the beginning of the accompaniment, for everyone is authentic at the beginning, but it is known with time, and you will know it with the loneliness of travel, the change of conditions and the intensification of anguish. God will not disappoint the sincerity in you. You are the one who seeks purity in every matter. And voluntarily attracted to whiteness and purity.

Twisted paths make you miserable, she believes that good intentions make the most beautiful destinies. Stay close to those who fear God, consult those who love you, be friends with those who understand you, and stay away from the ignorant, and beware of the company of the mean, for benevolence with him is futile.And take good deeds from good people, who will reward your charity with charity. You may be just an ordinary person in this world, but to someone you are the whole world.

Sayings immortalized by experience and wisdom

The happy one is the one who learns from others. In this article, we have collected very valuable life lessons for you. We may spend our entire lives learning some of them. I hope that you like these lessons and find in them something that illuminates your path and changes your life for the better.

-Nothing lasts forever. Money, prestige, and even pain are temporary and will pass so don’t get attached to something fleeting. Try to be moderate in your joy and sorrow. Because the only constant thing in this life is the year of change.

– listen to that voice inside your head. We are taught from a young age to ignore those annoying little voices inside. Which tells us that something is not right. or that the next step you take may be the wrong one. Listen to this voice. Trust this voice. It’s called instinct, and it’s rarely wrong.

– Ask for the needs with self-esteem, for God has to fulfill them. Don’t underestimate yourself trying to get something, don’t cringe, and make your trust in god great to say to him, be, and he is. Therefore, preserve your dignity and do not try to beg anyone for any matter you would like to obtain.

– Save the white money for the black day. This is one of the most important tips that you should follow as what you see today in terms of stability and the financial situation is possible, God forbid, to overturn at any moment. So keep the habit of saving. And if your country has a social security fund subscribe to it immediately. Because many people faced difficulties in their old age because they did not think about the future and did not understand that it is impossible to perpetuate the situation.

-This time will pass. It’s a very powerful phrase if you get it. No matter how many problems you encounter in life, and you think it is the end of the world remember that this time will pass and become a thing of the past. Remember the difficult situations you went through and how it felt like the end of the world, but it went through its good and bad times and became one of the memories for you.

– Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. There is a harsh truth in life that some people refuse to accept it is that you have no control over many things that happen in your life. Some people who resist this fact become control freaks they get involved in the minutiae and refuse to delegate tasks. They believe that if they can control enough of others and situations, they prevent bad things from happening.

–  Not to build your happiness on anyone. Many people set preconditions for their happiness. For example, a girl says when I get married, I will be happy. Or says the person when I get this job, then my happiness begins. In fact, your happiness will not come through a person or an event in your life. It’s a feeling that comes from within as your happiness and misery are made by your thoughts.

– Surround yourself with loyal friends. True friendship is a priceless treasure therefore, make sure that there are friends in your life in a relationship that is dominated by love and affection. Confirmation of this advice in the longest study in history by Harvard University the researchers found that the happiest people were not the richest or most powerful. But they were the ones who had real friendships.

 – Lowering your expectations is the key to happiness expect too much and you will be disappointed. This does not mean reducing them all, nor does it mean reducing them to a very small level. You still have to maintain on expectations. But you have to restrict it or keep your thoughts in check. To make sure you don’t expect too much. 

– Learn how and when to say no saying no is neither selfish nor a bad thing. It is healthy for your own time. And your family time. When you say you can’t spend time with a higher quality. With the most important things in your life.

– Show your love before it’s too late. Many people who have lost their loved ones. They wished they could go back in time and express to their loved ones the extent of their love and appreciation for them as life takes our time, and we do not feel. So before it’s too late, show your loved ones your feelings every day. There is nothing wrong with that. Make it a morning habit every day you express how much you love and appreciate someone important in your life.

– Don’t waste your time justifying. Because people only hear what they want to hear the world is really full of stubborn and selfish people who don’t care about you or your explanation when you try to convince them of certain things. However, they create the wrong idea about you. And they judge you accordingly. So it is a waste of time explaining anything to these people. So let them go and know that people’s satisfaction is an unattainable goal. 

– Money does not buy happiness. When you are young and healthy and a long life awaits you you think money means everything. Of course, money does not buy happiness. But he can buy many other alternatives. Big house. Luxury cars and luxury vacations yes, money can buy you many things and bring you comfort. But these things never represent happiness. The reason for this is that happiness is a mental and emotional state. It is not associated with anything specific be independent of the material things in your life. Don’t make this mistake. Money is not happiness. Find your true happiness.

– Your health is the most valuable thing you have. Your health is an invaluable asset. Gift and blessing. Good health makes it easier for you to reach your goal achieve your dream and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Unfortunately, we often miss out on good health when we are young. Take good care of yourself now. Take care of your body and protect your health don’t be one of those people who always say I wish I could take better care of myself.

– Build your own dreams and if you don’t, someone will hire you to build their dreams. At the beginning of your career, it is important to get a job so that you learn the business environment and how you can manage things but if you want to be really special in this life, you have to search for your own path and build your own work. Remember that no one is successful in this life was an employee waiting for his salary every month end.

– It’s never too late to start something new. A lot of people will get to a certain age in their lives and think I wish I did. Now is the time to stop this thinking and realize that you are not too old to achieve your goals and dreams remember that Cornell Sanders founded the famous KFC chain of restaurants at the age of sixty-five.

– Don’t be afraid to make mistakes are a great way to learn and let go of some negative things. In fact, you can learn life’s best lessons while committing some errors. And remember that fear of error and fear of failure are the biggest obstacles to success.

– the depth of your relationship with the Mighty, the Mighty, in whose hand is the kingdom of everything this golden advice to The elderly people who were dependent on God seemed to us more solid. Don’t fear anything in this life. And they remember their loved ones this faith and certainty is built with the days. Therefore, make sure to pray and deepen your relationship with the Living One who does not die.

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