What does a man want from a woman?

One question’s that I was asked about a lot about the psychology of a man or how I want to know what a man wants, so I will try as much as possible to help you know what a man wants. The first thing you want to do is make you aware that he is the man historically.

A hunter means the one who goes to bring the feast for the house. He is the one who gets the job done. He is aware of the dangers. He is the one looking into the woods.

So, praise For a man equals success. Let me explain to you why a man at that time brings a feast or hunts an animal and brings it to the family. And the woman would tell him, “Thank you” for doing this.

The psychological nature of man (mental programming)

This means that on this day you helped your family so that they are dependent and do not enter a state of starvation. So, praise in a man’s act is a very important thing. Can you just talk? This time has changed. This thing is wrong, but the brain is still at it.

Hi, the old parts. These are the parts that still move the man psychologically. Therefore, it is necessary to start offering sincere praise to the man for his actions. This is something that will help him increase the things that you pay attention to.

For example, you can find out how old a restaurant is, how generous you are and give you, for example, more tip. He came to this place as much as I felt that I could rely on you, and I was a leader in this place,

You were effective and you will see it with the man when you delve into these places. These habits or these waists will start to swell. Because it will start to become his self-image. Because again, this thing is related very much.

A man’s sense of unified trust with his wife

Which is the case close to the case of the message, which is the highest feeling a man can deliver on earth? Another very important. For a man, the feeling of confidence and security in his existence is a very important feeling. Therefore, it is necessary to start subjecting yourself to trust.

with the guy. Can you tell me, oh, but I don’t trust her with men. Such men, such men, such men. I am not going to hand over your life to anyone. I am telling your partner to start increasing his self-confidence by placing more and more confidence in his hand.

I mean, let me give you a real life example. Can a wife come and say to her husband can you book the plane? I am sure you will do so that we can travel. The word I am confident in you that you will do it will be degraded.

When my man’s psychology is a sense that I am responsible. You will usually see that he will meet the places where you put your trust in exchange for you keeping weakening this trust. Then you tell him, I told you to do this thing, but you did not do it.

I told you to settle this thing, but you did not settle it now. The world is not black and white. I don’t say what’s in a dialogue. I am not talking about showing a man place where he is not aware of his condition. He who does not have integrity in his condition. Who does not fulfil the promises that I make. You tell it nicely and with nice communication.

Boosting a Man’s Self-Confidence

But I tell anyone that feeling confident is giving confidence to a man, and you will see that little by little he will fulfil it and his self-confidence will begin to increase and the man’s self-confidence is very, very important and very pivotal, and unfortunately, we are in a society.

We do not build this confidence because we do not train the man how to deal with his inner insecurity and how to begin to understand the true energy of manhood.

Clarity of expression

Historically, when we go back to ancient times, we will see that she had more responsibility inside the house. And because she has a responsibility inside the house, she was responsible for raising children. When we look at the child.

And why when we look at the baby, he usually expresses something without talking. He expresses it through the movement of his body or through crying. Therefore, it was necessary for the woman to build intuition and emotional intelligence to understand her son what he wanted.

He wanted tenderness, he wanted food, he wanted someone to take him and hug him, so it was necessary to read these emotional needs.

This thing is complete within the psychology of women. Therefore, women have an event and have a higher ability to read emotional needs in the big picture. Most of the women think that the men built this. And this thing is not true because men historically had a different role.

Please, don’t turn to the issue of women’s rights, not this discussion. But what do you expect if you follow the hidden signs of a man. He is the narrator of various sides on big topics.

Avoid indirect expression

Search for it, bring it and enjoy it to develop in your life. For the man that he will understand it and will fulfill it. And most of the women felt frustrated. A month, two months, a year, two years, dozens of years pass, then repeated frustration.

Because they are trying to send subtle signs of a man, but he did not catch her. For example, you can reach him that she wants a gift, but with all the crooked ways. For example, her birthday will come, and he won’t get her the gift she wants, so she will feel frustrated.

So you communicate with the man at a higher level of clarity without there being a lot of recitation in the dialogue, without there being a lot of manipulation in the dialogue. Now I know most of the women will talk, but this is something I don’t feel.

Embracing Sincerity in Relationships

If we talk directly. Now this thing can be in a sincere part because it is part of the energy of seduction. He’s the one putting things down, not very clearly. But you need to give up this need and give more clarity to the man, even if you leave something hidden in him or something hidden.

For example this time my wife was sitting in front of the gold store, she was looking and talking about it, this is sweet, this is sweet, this is sweet. I am not focused on the topic, focus on what I’m talking about, because it’s good.

Our family is close to having a date to get to know each other. She explained to me that I pay attention to what is important to her, or the husband who is important to her, or the kind of gift she wants, so that I can get it for her, but if she adopts.

It’s me because I said this sentence, but I’m standing in front of the gold shop, I’m supposed to understand. And I am supposed to accept this call, for the most part, this thing will amount to frustration, because the man is not used to reading these emotional things. This is not what is a defect in the man, but this is a god who entered into a different formation.

The process of evolution, your duty tells, more clearly. Tell your needs as they are clearer.  If you want to meet more. And without expecting that he must fulfill it for me. There is no such thing as necessary in the world. The job the next thing, which is very, very, important to a man’s psychology. Which is sincerity. Sincerity means I am with you through thick and thin.

A man’s love for himself, not for his possessions

If you have money, even if you don’t have money, if you are successful, if you are not successful, if you look good, if you look bad, when a man senses a woman’s sincerity, then your love is the same as it is. Not for any increase, not for any extra additions, he will have more prayers with himself.

Because he will stop being afraid of losing. If the man inside him knows that this woman is with me because of my money that I have, he will always feel insecure, because if this money goes away, this woman will go, but if the man feels emotionally and internally that this woman is with me.

Whether I have money or not, she is with me for who I am, because of the ambition I have, for her to love me as I am, because of the mentality I have. You will see that this person will perform, or this man will perform better, because he will remove from his mind the fear of losing, etc.

From failure and these things, if a man leaves his mind, you will see that it is his success, and he will start accelerating in life, because the thing he was afraid of will start to relax in the safety of his existence.

Is this thing, can a woman be able to adopt it, that she is devoted to the man as he is?  And it must be in contact with your heart because it is the reason that originally entered you into the relationship. It needs to be purer, and you want to remember that all other things come and go. more important than anything else.

Compatibility between the psychology of women and the psychology of men

So that there is a compatibility between the psychology of women and the psychology of men. You understand that it is higher. An aspiration or higher state of ecstasy delivered by male psychology is quite different from that of female psychology.

Female psychology means the most important thing is containment and intimacy. I mean, when a woman’s psychology feels intimate at a very high level, this is more important to her than anything in the world. But this is not necessarily the most important thing for a man’s psychology. Because the most important thing is a man’s psychology.

Supporting His Message

Message and mission. Applying his message to the ground. Now, I don’t mean that the message is not important to women. This is not the purpose. Certainly important, but I talk to the man’s psychology, the message comes number one. So, you don’t want a man around you to come and tell you that you are more important than my message.

It is necessary for the man around you to give him security that he tells my message number one and your presence pivotal and essential in this message. For him? Because if his message was not a number, he would start to feel an inner deficiency. He will get angry, he doesn’t know what, and he will start to empty the anger inside the house.

Your job is to help him start to transcend and rise that he is living his message on earth. Do what is your role in this matter? The role of the woman as the man who lives his message on the earth, or the psychology of the man that begins to develop, grow, and flourish towards the message, is a very, very, very pivotal role. Why? Because the message is in the emotional part and not in the logical and analytical part.

Navigating the Emotional Maze

Therefore, a woman has more ability to understand the maze of the emotional body than a man’s ability to understand the maze of the emotional body.

The man’s message is found in the places where he has a thermometer. The places where he was afraid to express himself. The places where he feels that he is not enough. The places where he feels that he is not loved. These thermometers are gone.

Within the relationship, you can tell him a word that annoys him, makes him angry, or does not know what will happen. Your job is to give space for the hytromates to come out and open your heart to them and be affectionate with them because you will remember them.

Unlocking Emotional Growth

Within the relationship a wounded child in the man and in a wounded child in the woman. Our fake is giving space of love to this child who did not know how to deal with these emotions. To allow these emotions to grow out and have a process of management and cleaning more easily.

The thing will help the man live his message more and more. Therefore, it is important that you help him emotionally so that he begins to develop towards his message. In order to do this thing, you need to challenge it several times.

Times embrace the emotional part of it. And you want to help him feel you want to give him security that he can cry in front of you. Because when he starts to open his emotional senses in front of you. This man will see that in his life it will happen.

Help a man live his mission with you

His message becomes stronger and clearer, because he will be in contact with his analytical side and his emotional side, and this is what you know how a man can do. Because you have the secrets of the subconscious mind and the secrets of the emotional body, he hasn’t reached it yet.

Most of the ladies are gone. They use these keys that they must manipulate the man to be attached to them. It is easy to see the difference between directing a man. Towards his message and directing it to special agendas. Worldly agendas will not lead you or him to the place where the relationship is supposed to go.

So, a little bit is necessary about the ego’s agendas, I want to manipulate him, but to be around, not to help you. How does he use his emotions and his emotional body to start living his message and radiate in the world, radiating his truth in the world? Here is a real woman, here is a good woman.


Here is the woman who allows a man to live to the highest of his potential. When he is living to his potential automatically and naturally, he will be able to give you the intimacy that you need most.

Therefore, my message in the end is necessary to look at the psychology of the man differently from the perspective of the man, not from the perspective of the woman, because the two are completely different, and you can understand it, deal with it, and help him live his message and his truth on the ground more and more.

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  2. Interesting read! This article sheds light on what men appreciate in women, offering valuable insights for better understanding and connection in relationships. Thanks for sharing.

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