Cristiano Ronaldo’s career, the best scorer in the history of football

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo

In this article, we will talk about the story of the legend Christian Ronaldo, as you have not heard it before. Ronaldo, who is considered by many to be the best player in history. It is not acceptable to compare Ronaldo with any other player. Ronaldo himself broke the record for the most goals scored by a player for his country. Yes, Ronaldo is the most international goal scorer in the history of football.

The upbringing of Cristiano Ronaldo, and the suffering of his childhood

A different icon among world players. An example of professionalism. He is the most followed person among all the players on social networking sites. A man like this definitely deserves a topic of his own Ronaldo was born on 02/05/1985 in Funchal, located on the island of Madeira, Portugal. So Ronaldo was born on the island of Madeira, which is under Portuguese rule. And not in Portugal itself. Because an island sat for very long years the subject of political dispute.

For example, the geography of Madeira Island is closer to Morocco than Portugal. Rather, it is said that its origins go back to the island of Praia, the capital of the state of Caverde, whose name is Cape Verde in West Africa. Yes, imagine Ronaldo of African origin more than he is Portuguese.

This is the truth his mother is Maria do Loris dos Santos, Aveiro. She works as a cook. Of course, this is the time when he was born. His father’s name is Jose Dinis Aveiro. An ex-soldier and gardener, he used to work on the equipment. His father named him Ronaldo in appreciation of former US President Ronald Reagan, who was going to start a period his second term as President of the United States of America. Of course, Ronaldo is a Catholic Christian.

Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo lived a very painful story. His mother was thinking of aborting her pregnancy, Ronaldo his father was an alcoholic, and the house was in very poor financial condition.

The mother was afraid that this child in her womb was living a miserable life, far from a decent life. She was actually considering abortion. But the fates willed and then the birth of Cristiano and the transformation of this fetus into a supernatural creature and the heart of the entity of this house from the gutter to the sky.

Ronaldo was born and he was officially his mother’s daughter. Because he is the youngest of his brothers. He has two older sisters. Which are Alma and Katya and his older brother’s name is Hugo. And he used to say that his mother used to spoil him a lot when he was young and forgave him for his mistakes. While his brothers used to flog him if his mother and father beat him, he made sure that he did not lack anything from his generation.

They used to buy him clothes like the rest of his peers and hide his true status when he was six years old, he used to go with his father to his job, which he supervises as the equipment manager at the Andorinha football club in Funchal. When he used to go there, he used to play soccer with the kids. Two years later, he signed the first contract in his life when he was eight years old with an academy.

Of course, you ask yourself about his academic level. He was weak, very, very weak, and he hated school and what did not solve his homework and poor grades. Because football took all his passion and time. Sources say that when he was young, he loved winning on the court and only that. And if he lost, he would cry that’s why they called him in the academy the crying baby.

The first contract in the career of Cristiano Ronaldo

Pepe said about Cristiano, when he was ten years old, signed a contract with Club National in Madeira. Two years later, when he was twelve years old, he officially took the boldest step in his life
Imagine he was only twelve years old. He left his family and moved from Madeira Island to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. In order to undergo auditions for the ancient club Sporting Lisbon.

Indeed, they were completely convinced of him and signed with him. Thus, he became completely estranged from his family. He took this step in order to become a great player with a contract and salary
This is the salary through which he can in the future transfer his family and their lives a great leap.

The decision to leave him with his family was a difficult one. So he cried every day. But his great goal, which he drew for the future, was underestimated by the greatness of responsibility. Despite his loneliness, he persevered, worked hard and worked hard.

Since he was four years began to show signs of physical excellence among his peers. It was very fast. He didn’t accept losing on the field. Unfortunately, at the same time, his story with education ended. He was expelled from school due to a problem between him and his teacher.

Ronaldo insulted his teacher, and he originally hated school since childhood. He made a mistake against his teacher, so he was expelled, and it was his last story with the school. Ronaldo was the fastest among his teammates. He was so exhausting with exercise that he developed a heart disease.

His name is tachycardia this disease threatened his football career to end. But Sporting Lisbon club officials consulted his parents that they would undertake the operation for Ronaldo. The parents agreed and the operation was completed. In the operation, a laser was used to enhance the pathways of the heart. What made blood circulation work normally.

Yes, imagine Ronaldo, when he was fifteen years old, he underwent heart surgery. Sources say that when Ronaldo became sixteen years old, he was called up for the first time to the first team of Sporting Lisbon. He was impressed by coach Laz Looney after seeing his skills with the youth team. He asked to be promoted to the first team to be with them in pre-season preparation.

Ronaldo actually played for two seasons with the first team of Sporting Lisbon. Specifically, he played thirty-one matches with them. He scored five goals and made six. He was moving in the left wing position most of the time and the right wing sometimes.

Golden opportunity for Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United contract)

Until the day arrived when fate smiled at Christian Ronaldo. 08/06/2003. Pre-season friendly match between Sporting CP and Manchester United. The Bolognese coach introduced Ronaldo to the new coach of Sporting Lisbon, Fernando Santo. Yes, Fernand Santos is the current coach of the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo chose to participate in the match. Thunderbolt was.

A white, skinny, tall, young player terrifying space horror downloader. It caught the attention of everyone watching the game. Who was this playful boy in Sporting Lisbon’s victory over United, three to one, imagine! Everyone interested in the stadium had to watch this boy’s skills and be convinced of him. After the match, United coach Felixson contacted the United administration and told them in one letter.

He wants Cristiano. They brought him and signed with him as soon as possible before someone snatched him from him, and he deeply regretted neglecting a talent that would have a great significance in the future.

As long as the story lasted only six days. 08/12/2003 United signed Ronaldo for seventeen million pounds. Which made him the most expensive teenage player in English football history the first time Cristiano arrived at United, he asked for the number twenty-eight. Because it was his number in Sporting Lisbon. They told him that we will give you a better one.

The number of English legend David Beckham, who moved from Manchester to Real Madrid forty-two days before this story. Yes, Ronaldo succeeded Beckham with the number seven. Before Ronaldo, number seven was reserved for club legends only. Such as George Best, Eric Kentona and David Beckham. The same number was given by Cristiano, and this is a great risk with the number.

Cristiano Ronaldo Awards with Manchester United

Cristiano turned to Manchester United, Ronaldo began the journey to reach his big goal. The title of the best player in the world. But before this, he started to improve his outward appearance. He did several plastic surgeries for his teeth and face. The handsome player has become chased by the press and television cameras. He won a number of titles that he achieved with Manchester United over the six full seasons he played with them.

Whether individual or collective titles, namely: The Golden Ball award for the best player in the world, two thousand and eight. Player of the year in England for two seasons. Two thousand and six thousand and seven and two thousand and eight top scorer in the English Premier League season two thousand and seven thousand and eight with thirty-one goals.

And the top scorer in the Champions League in the same season two thousand and seven thousand and eight goals. European Champions League season two thousand and seven, thousand and eight. And the English Premier League champion three times in a row. Two thousand seven thousand, two thousand and eight.

Champion of the Club World Cup, two thousand and nine. And the European Golden Shoe for the season two thousand and seven, thousand and eight. England Cup champion, two thousand and four. The best goal maker in the English Premier League season, two thousand and six, tow thousand and seven.

All this only titles with Manchester United. In all, he played for United for six years. He played in them two dead ninety-two matches. He scored one hundred eighteen goals and sixty-nine assists. Well, we have reached the summer of the year two thousand and nine.

The conclusion of the contract with Cristiano Ronaldo to move to Real Madrid

United lost the Champions League final, 2-0, to Barcelona in Pep Guardiola. And Real Madrid set its target and sniper. Signing the best player in the world at the time. Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course, unfortunately, and I say unfortunately that it is Ronaldo’s transfer to Real Madrid .

He broke the record for the most expensive player transfer deal in football history. The title that preserved Z:inedine Zidane from two thousand and one to two thousand and nine. Zidane moved in the line of two thousand and one from Juventus to Real for the amount of seventy-six million euros.

Cristiano came in the summer of two thousand and nine and broke the record by moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid with ninety-four a million euros. To become the most expensive deal in history. To date, in twelve transfers, this figure has been beaten.

One of them is for Ronaldo himself when he moved in the summer of the year, two thousand and eighteen from Real Madrid to Juventus for one million euros. Powerful tip. By the way, Ronaldo’s deal to Juventus is the most expensive transfer of a player to Italy in history.

Come in Real Madrid Ronaldo overwhelmed and forced he hurt, fragile, amazed, enjoyed, convinced, coaled, and destroyed everyone who stood in his face. Football flag officially sealed in his nine years with Real Madrid. He played with Real Madrid four hundred and thirty-eight matches.

Four hundred and fifty goals were scored by them more than his matches with Ronaldo, you will believe all the unbelievable. The first man of records. He scored one hundred and thirty-two goals. Imagine, I mean, he contributed eighty-two five goals in four thirty-eight match.

Cristiano Ronaldo Awards with Real Madrid

He was a machine that never stopped defeating opponents. He achieved titles with Real Madrid, whether individually or collectively. The first thing, he won the Golden Ball award for the best player in the world four times other than the first. The years two thousand and thirteen, two thousand and fourteen, two thousand and sixteen, two thousand and seventeen.

And he achieved the FIFA award for the best player in the world in the years two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen. And the European Union award for the best player in Europe three times. The years two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen. He was La Liga’s top scorer three times. And the Champions League top scorer six times,

and the scorer of the FIFA Club World Cup twice, and the player of the year in Spain for two seasons, two thousand and twelve, two thousand and thirteen, two thousand and thirteen, two thousand and fourteen. He won the Champions League four times with the Royals.

The title of the tenth two thousand and fourteen and the historic triple with Zidane two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen and two thousand and eighteen, and achieved the title of the Spanish League twice. The season of two thousand and eleven thousand and twelve and the season of two thousand and sixteen thousand and seventeen. He won the King’s Cup twice. Two thousand eleven, two thousand and fourteen and the Spanish Super Cup twice. And the Club World Cup three times.

two thousand fourteen, two thousand sixteen, two thousand seventeen. And the European Super Cup three times. And he was crowned with the Golden Boot award as top scorer for Europe. Three times. One thousand eleven, two thousand fourteen, two thousand fifteens. In the summer of the year, two thousand and ten. At the time, Ronaldo was twenty-five years old and was playing in the two thousand and ten World Cup in South Africa. Of course, he was not married. Nobody knows today. Cristiano Ronaldo refused to reveal the identity of the mother of his son, who was born in the United States of America.

Cristiano Ronaldo contract with Juventus

Ok, let’s move on to the penultimate station in Ronaldo’s career, which is his shocking transfer to Juventus in the summer of the year two thousand and eighteen. A dispute broke out between Ronaldo and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Knowing that Perez loves Ronaldo a lot, during his stay with Real Madrid, he became more like them who disagreed with the media.

He says that the root of the dispute is that it is not fame that brought Ronaldo to Real Madrid. Rather, it was the former president of Real Madrid, Drumón Calderon. And Perez appreciates the players he bought more than the players deployed by other presidents. Go to the club. But nevertheless, they were always statements, Perez’s remarks are beautiful in the right of Ronaldo.

But always remember that no one twisted Perez’s arm, even Ronaldo himself. We recently saw the story of Perez and captain Sergio Ramos. Perez walked his mind and did what he wanted, and Ramos left. Even Zidane, when he disagrees with pyramids, does not impose his opinion. Just carry a case and walk. Quit And it is not said.

What broke the camel’s back in Ronaldo’s relationship with Perez was Ronaldo’s demand to renew his contract and equate him with Lionel Messi and Neymar in Barcelona. In terms of annual salary. Of course, Peres refused this matter. He saw that Ronaldo was greedy, especially since a year before that he had renewed his contract and increased his salary. When the old lady moved to Italian Juventus.

Ronaldo found a great welcome in Italy. We said that he moved for one hundred million euros, to be the tenth most expensive deal in history to this day. With Juventus, Ronaldo did not fall short,  did what he had to do and more. He played 134 matches with them.

Seasons in which he scored one hundred and one goals and made twenty-two goals. Miraculous figures for a player who arrived at the club at the age of thirty-three years and left at the age of thirty-six years. Ronaldo crowned Juventus with the Italian League title twice. And the Italian Cup champion once and the Italian Super Cup twice.

He was crowned top scorer in the Italian League in the last season of two thousand and twenty thousand and twenty-one, with twenty-nine goals. The problem is that some think that Ronaldo should be the savior of the Juventus complex and the Champions League. This knot is from the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six.  She is twenty-five years old.

Then Ronaldo is alone in a group. Shaw works to win an exceptional and difficult cup that is governed by very small and precise details. Well, do you remember Ronaldo’s historic hat-trick against Atlético Madrid in the 2000s season, and the 2016 in the Champions League and the farewell was forty days ago  and he returned, for the warm embrace of the mother, from which he launched his club, Manchester United, to the world. And he does not stop hitting records.

I will tell you what achievements he made with the Portuguese national team. First, Ronaldo played 180 international matches with the Portuguese national team. To share with Sergio Ramos, fifth place historically.

International matches tally. But they are not the highest in the world. Three of the Arab stars are more players than them. In fourth place, the superstar Ahmed Mubarak was the captain of the Omani team. He played one hundred and eighty-two matches. In third place is the retired Egyptian star Ahmed Hassan, who played 184 matches.

And in second place historically, the Kuwaiti football star, who is still excelling in the stadiums to this day. Bader Al-Mutawa, who played 186 matches. As for the first place, it goes to a Malaysian player, who retired a long time ago, and his name is Sues hen Al. He played one hundred, five and nine match, but the strong question, Ronaldo played one hundred and eighty games. How many goals did he score? Officially, one hundred and eleven international goals as an unparalleled historical record.

They hit last month take this powerful piece of information. Ronaldo played his first match with the Portuguese national team, just eight days after joining United. Means dated twenty-eight thousand and three. Ok, what did he achieve for his country? The most important title is the 2010 European Championship. And follow it in the summer of 2016 with a title european mother.

He is the player of the year in Portugal ten times. He is the historical top scorer in the Euro Championship with fourteen goals. And the maker of nine goals in the Euro Championship. He participated in five editions of the Euro Championship. Two thousand and four, two thousand and eight, two thousand, and two thousand, and two thousand, and the last in two thousand and twenty two copies of the two thousand and twenty euros.

He participated in the World Cup more than four times, 2006, 2004, 2010. 2022. Ronaldo scored seven goals in the World Cup and made two goals in seventeen matches. It is no secret to you, of course, that Ronaldo is the historical top scorer of the Champions League, with a score of one hundred and thirty-six goals. Followed by Messi, with a score of one hundred and twenty goals, and the competition continues. Ronaldo, guys, in total, in all his professional career, he played one thousand and eighty-one matches. He scored seventy-nine goals and made a lot of assists.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with Al-Nassr 

After the loss of the Portuguese national team to its counterpart, the Moroccan national team, in the World Cup Qatar 2022, the star Cristiano Ronaldo decided to retire and stop his career, but at the beginning of the year 2023 he retracted this decision to announce his sudden transfer and contract with the Saudi club Al-Nasr.

Everyone talked about the huge deal for the Portuguese star until the club officially announced it and tweeted in celebration with his new star and flirting with him by saying a high star, the eye does not see anyone else. I have nights in love and my heart is captive. He announced his contract with Ronaldo for two and a half years but he did not tell us the value of the contract.

Portuguese news agencies and newspapers were the ones who told us about the wages. It is two hundred million euros annually this is the biggest deal with a player in history. What can a player do in the fall of his football career for the Saudi club?

The influence of Cristiano Ronaldo and the merits of his fame on Al-Nasr

Everyone looks at Ronaldo as a pile of goals, trophies and titles. Ronaldo is present. Wherever Ronaldo is the world turns its eyes and lenses towards him. Simply as soon as the deal was announced, the number of Al-Nasr Club followers jumped from eight hundred thousand, to more than five million, six hundred thousand did not pass twenty-four hours. The Saudi Okaz newspaper reported that within one hour only.

The Ronaldo shirt is sold out. Available in the club shop. Five hundred shirts. They only had five hundred shirts that sold out in an hour for a price four hundred and fifty-nine Saudi riyals for one shirt. Imagine that they have, for example, a hundred thousand shirts. I think it takes a week. But who worries that the club signed a losing deal with the Portuguese star.

Take me, will not lose. Have you thought about the proceeds from selling my rights to broadcast Al-Nassr matches? Have you thought about the ads that will be displayed in the matches, whether in the local league or the continental leagues?

That is, if we forget the proceeds from ticket sales. Football lover tells you I will buy a ticket to see Ronaldo from afar this big. Running on the field. Tourism promotion ads and other advertisements.
You are contracting a phenomenon with Brand. He is the historical star in football and moved to the Arab region.

Cristiano has been subjected to some criticism by some fans because of his advanced age, which reaches 38 years, so that before he was playing in the strongest club in the world. Victory came only because of the expiration date. Regardless of whether it ended or not, the fans of the Saudi Al-Nasr club celebrated and welcomed Ronaldo in their own way even before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Nasr Club has stated on its tongue. He says I am excited. Of course, he says the world’s greatest athlete joins the world. because the title of Al-Nasr Club is the global one. And he says, according to Ronaldo, that I am eager to experience a new football league in a different country. The vision with which Al Nasr Club operates is very inspiring, and I am excited to join my teammates let’s help the team together to achieve more success.

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