Habits we practice that prevent us from succeeding without realizing it.

If you search on the Internet, you will find a list of thousands of articles and videos that talk about habits or things that you can do daily. In order to reach your goals Including advice on work, social relationships and personal health. To others. Of course, a lot of these tips will be important. But what if you stop for a moment and take a step back?

In order to see the picture more clearly. You are before the start of the journey in acquiring new habits that will help you succeed. You will first need to review the habits that you already have and that you practice on a daily basis to make sure if some of us are among those habits to destroy an important part of your life. Without feeling, it In this text, I will present to you eight habits that some people do continuously sometimes. It may very negatively affect their lives.

-you take a lot of time to finish your work perfectly: Idealism is a positive description that most often describes doing tasks perfectly, but what if this description turns into a negative habit practiced by some people without thinking about its consequences? There is a famous English saying in the sense of completing something is better than trying to present it perfectly.

Whenever you finish work in a way you think you are completely satisfied with it. You will find that the result of your work can be better. If you make some extra effort. And after you put in that extra effort and finish the job. You will find again that there is room to develop the result better. And so the story continues and enters into an endless cycle.

That’s because you can’t do anything perfectly there will always be space to present the work in a better way than it is now. And your constant attempts to get everything to the perfect state. It is a very cumbersome process and wastes a lot of time in the end.

You will find that perfection always requires more effort, more time, and additional steps. Be sure that most people may not pay attention to those extra steps that you took in pursuit of idealism and perfection that you will not reach in any way. But they absolutely are.

They will notice that you are taking more time than it should be to complete your work. So if you are one of those people who strive for perfection in all aspects of their lives. Whether it is at the level of your work and your relationships with others.

Try to do things in the best way within a time limit that you set from the beginning. And stick to that deadline, no matter what. Even if you are not one hundred percent satisfied with the result this is so that you can move on to your next priority without getting bogged down in just one task. And remember the proverb we mentioned at the beginning of our conversation.

– you spend a lot of time planning: There is a well-known rule in business that says that every minute you spend planning will save you at least ten minutes during implementation. Which means that your development of a solid plan of action is considered a good thing for the success of what you want to do, but let’s not overlook another very important rule. Namely, plans are constantly changing. And the smart person is the one who is flexible enough.

To correspond, his vision agreed with the change of events and facts. Planning is important, but it is not supposed to constitute more than fifteen to twenty percent of the work as a maximum. Too much planning may lead to forgetting the first purpose of the work.

Loss of enthusiasm and leaving work without completing it. Try to plan within acceptable limits, even if the plan is not complete from your point of view. It is better to start with a simple and flexible plan that you can develop later instead of seeking to develop a solid and completed plan. But you find yourself later unable to implement it.

-you sit at your desk for a long time: When was the last time you got a break from sitting at your desk? And I moved to work another place, a different place, or at least in another room in the place where you work. Try to change the work environment constantly.

This helps reduce work pressure and give your mind a chance. To think differently, studies say that sitting in the same place for more than four hours straight. Clearly affects the ability to innovate and productivity.

-You believe that success comes overnight: A lot of content on the internet is especially in development areas. Self and human development tries to deliver a message that success requires desire, talent and a little time until you touch the clouds and reach your dreams. Of course, this talk is trivial and unfounded.

The truth is that success comes as a result of a long struggle with the difficulties of life. This conflict may continue for many years. As it is in every struggle you will come out injured. You may lose the battle. To start the road from the beginning again. So what is the solution? The solution is to enjoy every step you take on your way to success instead of just focusing. On the desire to access success will not come to you overnight. So be prepared for a long road full of obstacles.

– you are trying to please people: The proverb says pleasing people is an unattainable goal. People’s conviction of what you are doing is not evidence of his health. Likewise, people are not convinced of what you are doing. It shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying.

I am sure you will not get the satisfaction of everyone around you. Even if you try. When it comes to completing his mission, you must deal with people’s opinions very carefully. It is good to hear the opinions of others. He was not disappointed but do not allow those opinions to fully influence the course of your affairs.

People have different opinions on every issue because of their different experiences in life. Therefore, accept the opinions that you believe are intended to correct you and improve your capabilities and do not pay attention to those opinions concerned with destroying what you are doing. Without any logical reason for it.

– you completely ignore money: Some people say that money is the dirtiest thing in the world he forgets that the upper hand is better than the lower hand. When it comes to success, money is an important means that helps you reach your goal.

I’m not here to evaluate whether money will make you happy or not. But the money will certainly help you advance in your path with high speed and quality. Therefore, you should not neglect to suck your income periodically and pay attention to developing and diversifying sources of income over time by investing in profitable projects.

And if the job is your only source of livelihood, then you should seriously think about a way to add another source of livelihood through investment, even if it is for its blessings. Even if that project was very small.

-compare yourself to others: This always happens when people compare their social and financial status to that of some of their relatives, classmates, or co-workers. Remember that the path of each person is different from the path of the other this means that the age stage in which a person reaches his goals. Varies from person to person. And the bigger and harder the goal, the longer it takes. Stop comparing yourself to others and focus fully on your goal.

The aim of the comparison was to take advantage of the successful steps that others have taken, and to benefit from those experiences to develop yourself and motivate you to achieve more. There is nothing wrong with that, but usually a person does not compare himself to someone below him in order to thank God Almighty for what He has bestowed upon him.

Rather, this comparison is a toxic process that makes a person cry over his condition and lament his luck. Because he usually compares what he has more than that. Forgetting the reasons and circumstances that helped the other person to get to what he is.

-neglect building relationships: Focusing on work and achievement is very important .but all of this may not mean anything at all. If you don’t have those right relationships in the right place. Forget the social events and conferences where people meet to get to know each other in general.

In return, you have to build a network of relationships based on your desires. By selecting the people you want to get to know. And make a plan to meet every one of them. Introduce yourself or your project to them. Appropriately. It helps in the future to build business relationships or a friendship relationship between you.

Of course, when we talk about building relationships, we must not forget to a large extent. The strongest relationship that a person should take care of. Which is the continued reason for all success. It is the human relationship with his creator, what is the benefit of a person gaining this world and losing his hereafter? Your relationship with God is the key to all relationships.

So whoever reconciles what is between him and God, God will reconcile what is between him and people. So, these were the eight habits that greatly affect a person’s success in his life. I hope you have benefited.


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  1. If we search the internet, we find a list of thousands of articles and videos But we have to improve our life with good videos and good articles To achieve the open goal you have to improve your thinking and work hard And your article has helped a lot.

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