How to outperform 99% of people in your business?

In an ongoing war for your attention. And this war is getting fiercer every day. There are seven out of nine billion human beings on the surface of the planet. Five billion of them are online. And about three billion people use Facebook every month, just as they use YouTube. About three billion people use Facebook every month, and over a billion and a half use Instagram. Just like they use YouTube. What is the common denominator among all these people?

The power of focus and its impact on you at the present time

They all want your attention. They want you to see them, hear them, care for them, love them, and understand them, and to spend more time with them in the virtual world. Not only that, there are about fifty million companies in the world.

There are well over a hundred million people communicating on the Internet. They have websites and accounts on social media. Seventy million of these companies are doing online advertising using more than 5,000 marketing tools. And they spend nearly sixty-eight billion dollars on advertising.

All this is to get him to do just one thing, which is to get your attention. You are in this war, and evidence shows that you are here now. And if you don’t, you won’t protect yourself, your awareness, and your attention vigorously.

This war will capture you, and you will be led through it gradually and smoothly. For decisions, behaviors, and convictions that are not consistent with your values, principles, or goals in life. And sooner or later, you will find that you are unable to understand yourself or explain your behavior.

Don’t be a victim of attention-grabbing.

The constant state of distraction has become a normal and familiar thing in our world today. The increasing speed of the spread of modern technology is matched by an increasing decrease in our capacity to focus.

Often, the first thing we do when we wake up is turn to our phones. It has become difficult to imagine the world before our personal and professional lives remain captivated and semi-controlled around the clock because of mobiles or any other tool that facilitates access to us through the Internet.

Of course, we’ve all become accustomed to this kind of distraction. Some may see it as a good thing. However, experts confirm every day that the state of continuous interaction with the Internet and the sources of distraction that result from its use weaken us and make us lose the ability to focus.

Dr. Adam Gazali, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco. And who is considered one of the most famous researchers on the subject of the dispersed mind? He presented statistics that showed that anonymous messages increased at a rate of 100 percent.

Our ability to focus on work does not exceed five minutes. Responding to messages is now done in less than a minute after receiving them. There is a common and completely unfounded conviction that diversifying tasks or our ability to perform.

Concentration is more important than intelligence

It is agreed that our ability to focus is a rule that becomes more scarce every day than the day before. Pay attention; if you focus more, you will succeed more. A famous quote by the founder of American psychology, William James

Focus is now more important than intelligence. The power of focus makes you excel in any field. Because the vast majority of people are scattered and undefined in their lives. even if they have the highest levels of intelligence.

What I am sure of is that without developing your ability to focus, the journey to reaching your goals will take many years. Focus will help you study and get what you want in your job. Learn new skills from scratch and acquire them in record time. Try to succeed in your work without sacrificing the important aspects of your life.

Be a good husband and father. Follow your personal interests. Do hobbies that you love and enjoy. This is the right way of life, and it is very important for any normal person, because I am convinced that happiness is essential to success. Not the opposite. In short, your ability to focus at the moment is more important than your intelligence.

With focus, you can achieve many things, and without it, you will not be able to achieve anything. If you want to be among the one percent or the privileged few, you must from now on consider yourself an abdication of the flower of societal dispersion.

And exercise yourself through the strategy and practical stages that I will present to you in this article. So you can build your ability to focus and use it to learn and accomplish the most difficult tasks related to your goals. By the way, when I say one in the percent or the distinguished minority

Petsel is about seventy-nine million people out of the planet’s current population. I mean, the number is not as small as you can imagine. And it is not difficult to be one of the percent who can achieve their dreams by appropriating the most important skill in our contemporary world.

Namely, focus. In this article, you will learn about the main reason for the state of distraction and disorientation that we are going to live with right now. And you will discover that the reason is the same as the solution. And you will learn about a strategy and practical stages that will help you increase your ability to direct your attention to the important things.

Increase focus and enter into a state of flow, or deep work, which is the highest level of concentration. In order to be creative in accomplishing and achieving the most difficult tasks or goals in record time. Most importantly, you are happy and enjoy the hard work for hours without getting bored.

Without the need to use or invest in any external tools. You may think that I am exaggerating, but this is not an exaggeration, and you can raise your expectations as much as you want from what you can learn through this article.

But first, I want you to deny yourself your belief that distraction and your inability to resolve it can not be resolved.

All that matters is that you learned to be distracted and trained yourself to be distracted over the years or for long periods of time without awareness. And as you practice distraction, you will be able to train yourself to focus and enjoy hard work or work that you find boring.

Important disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor a specialist in providing medical advice. If you suffer from a psychological or health problem that prevents you from concentrating, you should consult a specialist. The information that I provide is a mixture of both scientific sense and personal experience.

The difference between attention and focus

The difference between attention, focus, flow state, and deep work is as follows: attention is a cognitive and behavioral decision to focus on one thing while ignoring everything else. Concentration requires attention for a long time.

The flow state is the focus for a longer period. I mean, for example, if it takes five seconds to pay attention to something, focusing takes an hour. In the case of flow, that might extend to five or more hours of deep work each day.

Keep in mind that attention is the starting point and key to controlling your ability to focus. I mean, if the experiences you live and the experiences you collect are what determine the quality of your life, then attention determines the type of experiences you live.

Understanding the dopamine system for optimal results

In this section, you will learn how the dopamine hormone works and how to deal with it to control your brain in order to achieve what you seek in your life more clearly.

The main cause of dispersion

Let’s talk a little about the main reason for dispersion. The common element between distraction and focus is how we get pleasure. Simply put, the brain feels the pleasures it used to

The thing I see is very dangerous in our world right now and destroys the dreams and aspirations of millions of young people every day. And preventing them from pursuing their goals is the increasing obsession with what is known as the pleasure of distraction. With the press of a button on your phone, your brain releases dopamine.

Social media and entertainment sources available on our phones: the speed of obtaining momentary pleasure was the easiest and fastest throughout history. We are now witnessing a global situation that resembles a valley of innate talents and the ability to work and create.

The main reason is that the pleasure of distraction has become easier and faster than the pleasure of hard work with the aim of accomplishing something important, whether it is a dream or a goal.

Every time you open your phone to interact with various content on social media, you give your brain a dose of dopamine. Dopamine is the most important neurotransmitter in your brain and is responsible for motivation and feelings of pleasure. The brain reacts and repeats things that elevate dopamine.

But this interaction and brain activity also burn part of the body’s energy. The brain alone consumes more than 25 percent of your body’s energy.

And after the three or four hours that you spend on your phone, it is normal to feel exhausted and not want to do anything. I mean, even when you think that you are relaxing and enjoying the time that you spend on social media.

I would like to tell you that you spend too much energy and a long time on activities that do not contribute to improving your life or achieving your personal goals. And this behavior is the best way to waste time.

As Peter Drucker, the spiritual father of management, said, the best way to waste time is to focus on completing tasks that should not be completed in the first place. If you try to focus on something important, and you don’t know how to work for three continuous hours on an important job or project.

And you don’t know how to focus ten minutes on each other because your mind gives you thoughts that keep you mentally distracted, the kind of thing you do seems boring, difficult, and time-consuming. If you do anything now, it will be more fun than this boring job.

Try doing something now that raises dopamine and improves mood, then go back to doing this boring job. Your brain presents you with these kinds of thoughts that will inevitably prevent you from focusing. Because your brain has a reference for all the activities that you are accustomed to and that give it high doses of dopamine in a very short time, like social media, a video, a game, smoking, or porn.

Which, unfortunately, makes it impossible for anything else to give you the same dopamine levels at this speed. And if you remain in this situation, you will remain in the same circle, but your situation will get worse and worse with time.

Because your brain will get used to it and its sensitivity to dopamine will decrease. And the things that used to drive you now will not be enough, and with time, you will need more and more excitement and distractions. I mean, why read a book when you can ask? It will provide you with the information you need on any topic, in short.

Why go out to meet new people and spend months making friends when you can easily see new people and get to know their lives on social media without even asking them? Why go out for a walk for half an hour in nature to calm down and improve your mood when you can easily light a cigarette and open your mobile to watch some comedy clips

Clips of anything else. Your brain is not crazy or undisciplined. But avoiding the unhealthy behaviors and habits that you are accustomed to by making the choice of distraction and attention to momentary pleasure is the best and most logical choice.

Every time you try to work on anything different, it takes time and focus. The main reason for preferring distraction to concentration is the pleasure of distraction. And to be precise with you, the dopamine that your brain receives easily, quickly, and with less effort

The brain does not seek distraction; it seeks more dopamine. I feel bored. I open your phone on dopamine, and you feel happy temporarily. After a while, the dopamine decreases, so you turn on your phone again.

The brain is accustomed to the speed of obtaining the reward, and the pleasure in dopamine is the fundamental reason for distraction. Training the brain to focus depends mainly on resetting the dopamine work schedule in the brain.

And you will be able to achieve this through the practical steps that you will learn about now. Which will enable you to direct your attention and enhance your ability to focus. The information that comes is more important than the information that passes.

Adjust the dopamine system

It is necessary to warn you of an important point, which is that you shouldn’t expect it just because you attended a course or read an article like this one about focus. You will be able to focus when you want to because you have learned important information. Expectations are an illusion because you did not acquire the skill of focus.

The skill is acquired through training and coexistence, not only with information and knowledge. As one of the performance development experts says, we do not rise to the level of our expectations, but we fall to the level of our practical training.

The aim of this plan

This is a sincere invitation to everyone reading this article to train themselves in that. And improve your performance on a weekly basis so that you can reach an impressive result. Practical implementation will take place over seven weeks. I mean, in two months. You will need to be patient in the first three weeks, just because they are the hardest at this stage. Then you will start enjoying the rest of the trip.

You will start enjoying the rest of the trip. The plan simply aims to reset the dopamine system in the brain and increase the brain’s sensitivity to dopamine.

What does brain sensitivity to dopamine mean? Anything you do raises dopamine levels in your brain by a certain percentage. In activities, it raises dopamine at very high rates. Activities, most of which are unhealthy, such as social media,

I mean, overuse social media. Nicotine, sugar, and some unhealthy foods. The video game contains pornographic films that exceed 150 percent of the normal rate.

If your brain gets used to these high levels of dopamine, it will be less sensitive to anything else that raises dopamine at a lower rate, such as walking, meditation, or reading, as well as, of course, working on anything that requires time and effort.

Dopamine sensitivity

The truth is much more complicated than that, but I am simplifying it to convey to you the basic idea, which is that the more your brain is sensitive to dopamine, the more you enjoy simple things or things that you now find difficult and boring, and the less your brain sensitivity

Dopamine is all your brain needs for more excitement and distractions. The brain is less sensitive to dopamine. You will find your brain sensitive and responding to activities that are less stimulating to dopamine, such as work, reading, learning, and writing.

Negative response. I mean, there is no interest; there is no desire. What is the incentive for you to do it? This is due to constant exposure to rapid dopamine-stimulating activities such as social media. Your brain needs more dopamine here.

Rise with time. On the other hand, his sensitivity to dopamine is reduced due to alternative activities that require time and focus. Which are mostly important activities. In this case, you lose the desire to study or work on an important part of your work or your own project. Of course, your brain will be more prone to distraction.

While this case shows you that the brain here has a high sensitivity to dopamine. Here, you can sense any rise, even a slight one, in dopamine from any activity that seems slow or takes time.

Such as meditation, walking, reading, and other activities that you may now find boring. And this is the ideal state that you need to be in most of the time in order to be able to enjoy the difficult work that requires your focus for hours.

This makes him more sensitive to anything that stimulates dopamine, even if it is simple. Even the feeling of drinking water after fasting will be incomparable to any other day.

If you feel about the cup of water you drink after a long fast on a free day, it is the same as how you feel about your goal, about learning a new skill, about a long course, about writing, about planning your life, and about your motivation for the important steps for your future.

Towards experience and failure-learning. Imagine if this is how you feel about the important things you want to accomplish related to your goals. If this is how you feel, you can change your life 180 degrees in the direction you want, and no one will be able to stop you.

Coexistence with boredom and dopamine fasting

This method of increasing your brain’s sensitivity to dopamine aims to increase your ability to cope with boredom. Coexistence with boredom is the magic tool you need to actually train yourself with. Coexistence with boredom is the method most creative people use

It is the means through which you accept your emotional state without the need for distractions that fill your brain with high dopamine levels. In return, you will be able to enjoy the simplest things, or even the hardest.

The process of coexisting with boredom will be the gateway that will make you start acquiring the skill of concentration and benefit from it in a practical way. And this will be practically done through dopamine fasting, meaning that you will begin to gradually reduce the activity that stimulates the secretion of dopamine in your brain at high rates and quickly.

This, of course, will result in boredom. In order to pass this stage and not go back to looking for momentary pleasure again. It will be necessary to live with boredom. And you must accept that this is the price

To not only build your ability to focus, but also increase your enthusiasm and desire to implement and accomplish difficult tasks that require time and energy. The plan is easy, but its implementation should never be rushed or arbitrary.

How to implement the actual plan

The first week is your break from social networking sites. You need to completely shut down social media. And reduce your use of screens, whether mobile or laptop. Except for necessity. If you can’t do this for the whole day, at least try to do it for hours every day.

In the second week, you will need to refrain from unhealthy food, that is, canned food and processed sugar.

The third week, refrain from stimulants such as tea, coffee, or smoking. If you have to drink coffee, it is better after you wake up, at least an hour and a half before, because caffeine secretions are preferred in the body from ten minutes to an hour.

The fourth week is silence and speech reduction. Yes, there is what is  called lust for speech, and the benefits of silence are mentioned in the books of wisdom. He says if speech is silver, then silence is gold.

The fifth week  of abstinence from sexual stimuli, either by thinking or staring

Sixth week: abstain from singing and music. Because it stimulates dopamine faster, don’t try to listen to music as much as possible. It could be that the idea of withholding music makes you feel like you’re missing out on something or that you’re cutting yourself off from something that’s hard to accept, but if you want to control your brain, I think you have to do that.

Ok, after the six weeks, and after you achieve or implement all these steps, which, by the way, can take more than that; I mean, it can take a year, it can take two years to be able to maintain something like this, and someone else can do it in a week.

So see what your ability is and try to make sure that you seek to implement these steps, and believe me, the result will be worth all your effort.


How will you know that you succeeded and were able to acquire the focus skill? This will bloom easily when you are able to sit with yourself for an hour or two in silence or in meditation.

Without feeling like you need to do anything fun because you will be really enjoying yourself. If you can reach the state in which you are comfortable while sitting with yourself in silence and not doing anything, you will have reached the psychological and mental state that makes you able to focus for long hours on your goals.

Challenging tasks: Your ability to create and innovate in your field will be at its highest level. And you will be able to learn faster and benefit from every book you read. And you will be able to enter the state of flow, which is the highest level of concentration, every day.

These, in short, were the practical steps for regaining control of your attention and overcoming distractions. Don’t forget that there is a fierce war for your attention. The brain does not seek distraction but is accustomed to rapid dopamine stimuli.

The solution is in the brain’s core of dopamine. By progressive fasting for rapid dopamine stimuli. The real challenge is increasing your ability to live with boredom. The result will be unstoppable.

An exceptional mentality that is able to work for long hours without getting bored. Do not forget to share this with your friends to help them achieve their goals and feel true happiness after applying what is recommended in the article. Thank you, all of you.

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